live footage of icarus trying not to be washed and theory looking confused

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my dogs

i just found an old English essay i would like my backpack to please tag it’s f*cking triggers

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im horrified......

angelwentdark said: I started school like 3 weeks ago so shut your face. I am already done

*prays that i don’t become angry and bitter like u when school starts in 10 hours*

(angela you get a fall break I have to wait until winter stfu)

i found 60+ bucks in my backpack what the heck?? was i in the dr*g business how’d I get this money

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fukc school I’m dropping out and becoming a stripper I don’t car e

sydneysgae said: i start tomorrow and feel like i am completely unprepared yet i packed everything i need or did i tbh idk

ikr everything feels so weird I hope the only thing going on tomorrow is ice breakers so that if I’m missing anything important it’s not a big deal

double check the amount of notebooks you have though and make sure you have at least one pencil or pen bc some teachers may be asses and assign something that you need to take notes on

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I start school tomorrow and I haven’t even cleaned out my backpack from last year

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felison said: what would be a “problematic 1” situation

im not witty enough to have a response to this



Me in the club when Im tryna have a good time and boys rub they dick on me


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…..„„„my mom wants me to be in bed by nine…….„„um ….. no

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bye oh my god

is anyone gonna watch the unauthorized saved by the bell story tonight? dylan everett is in it

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aimeefinecky said: wait a minute you watch big brother!?


9 people responded to that back to school photo yall are the realist

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Do you ever have that outfit you wear so often you think

"Yes, this is the outfit I’d be drawn in everyday if I was a cartoon"

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